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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day after

Since we are coming to the end of our journey I thought I'd use a couple of blogs to fill in the blank spaces. Yesterday was one of the most unforgettable days of my life. Yes it was because we finished the walk but more important it was because of the love and raw emotion shown by so many people.
Everything seemed to fall in to place like a mystical jigsaw that was being pieced together in front of your eyes. The giant incense burner being used for the first time after being repaired, our walking friend the Polish priest concelebrating the mass and infact giving us communion, and most of the people we had encountered on our journey turning up in the plaza. Last night was a night of celebrating the achievements of all these friends. We all met for a drink and then headed to a restaurant where we took over, all twenty two of us. Maybe because we were released from our daily walking schedule there was a high spirited if not giddy atmosphere or maybe it was just due to the amount of wine consumed. Today has been strange. No early start and no walking. It felt strange not carrying a backpack. Since Mary and I have been here before, we chilled out and sampled the cafe culture. Tomorrow we are going to Finisterre, Lands End, to see where the original pilgrims purified themselves after their sweaty walk. Tradition was that you burned your clothes before washing in the sea, a tradition that we will not be following but since you know how this group treats traditions of the Camino I will tell you tomorrow what happened at Finesterre.  C

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