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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Well today was a day that brought all of our efforts together. Because of the generosity of so many people we were able to present a cheque to the Northern Ireland Children's Kidney Fund for £4250. We can never  thank you enough for the generosity you have shown to us, not just in monetary terms, but also in messages of good wishes that motivated us along our journey. The combined efforts from so many people will be rewarded in the wonderful work achieved by the nursing and medical staff who administer the fund. Since so many contributed  we could not thank you all personally but we feel that special mention should be given to the small core of family and friends who collected tirelessly on behalf of our designated charities. I will not mention our core support group by name since,with my memory, I'm bound to leave someone important out, but you know who you are and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. On Friday we will be visiting Roddensvale Special School and making another presentation. These presentations are in many ways more physically, emotionally and mentally demanding than the walk and we all found today hard, each in our own way. Well Friday is another day and I'll post a blog telling you how we get on. Forgot to say but I posted photographs of today's presentation on Facebook. Call me stupid but I still cannot get photos on the blog. Thanks. Colin.

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