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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Eagles, Monks and Schnapps 2

I'm sure you are wondering why today's first blog was titled Eagles, Monks and Schnapps. I ran out of space on the blog ( restricted to one page) and even though I wrote about the monastery it was cut off and finished with us arriving at Andechs. The climb into the monastery was steep, very steep and by the time we got there we were hot and breathless so it would have been rude not to stop for a drink. The monks of  St. Boniface's Benedictine Abbey have been brewing beer and distilling Schnapps on Bavaria's holy mountain since 1455, so it would have been wrong, and indeed could have caused an international incident, if two Irish visitors did not partake in their kind hospitality. After a few glasses I found my spiritual oasis. These monks had everything, beer, schnapps and food from their organic farms. Sitting on top of a mountain eating and drinking, what a life. After about an hour Mary dragged me away screaming and yelling from my new found soul centre but in the words of Arnie, " I'll be back".
The descent along a wooded mountain path was quite difficult but soon we made the valley floor. It was a pleasant flattish walk that took us to the finish of today's walk in Herrsching on the shore of the Ammersee. Our hotel is in Driessen, on the far shore, so the KLW uses a boat for the trip. After an eventful day we arrived, tired, at our hotel.

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