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Monday, 28 March 2016

Starnberg, the lake and a Camino friend.

Mary and I had a wonderful Easter Monday meeting up with our Portuguese Camino friend, Jasmin, and her boyfriend, Josef. Jasmin had arranged to meet us at the boat terminal in Starnberg, at 1.00pm, so after booking into our hotel Mary and I went to find our rendezvous point. We arrived ten minutes early, sat at an outside cafe to watch the world pass by, when suddenly out of the crowds a familiar smiling face appeared. It was like the scene from an old black and white movie. Jasmin had found us and after smiles, laughter and hugs we were introduced to Josef who had stood silently watching as the three of us embraced and I'm sure silently wondering about our mad antics. It was decided that we would immediately board the cruise boat that did a two hour trip around the Starnberg lake and what a trip it was. The lake and the group of small towns surrounding it is surely one of the most scenic boat trips, ever, and is further enhanced by the majesty and magnificence  of the snow capped Alps that form a backdrop to the still clear water. The weather was clear and bright though cold, if you were out of the sun, but that didn't matter since we had the inner glow of old friendship being renewed and new friendship being kindled. The scenery was stunning and each small town even more beautiful than the previous one As we say at home, the craic was mighty, but all too soon we were back on dry land and our friends had to make the 50 kilometre journey back to their dairy farm where cows needed to be milked. Jasmin has promised to put lots of photos on Facebook next week when she heads off on her adventure to Peru.
As I said earlier it was a wonderful day but it had been an early, 3.00am, start after a very eventful weekend of celebrating the wedding of my niece Nikki. The drive to Dublin, the AerLingus flight to Munich went as planned, and with the super efficient German railways we arrived at Hotel Fischerhaus in the picture postcard town of Starnberg at 12.30pm. Now the lack of sleep is beginning to catch up so an early dinner and a quiet night before starting the walk tomorrow. If the rest of the walk is as beautiful as the buildings and scenery today then we are in for a real treat. It was another Camino friend, Karen Robinson from Tasmania, who had recommended this walk and so far she has been right about its beauty so I'm looking forward to the rest of our journey.


  1. Lovely post as ever, you have the gift of writing Colin! We miss the Camino dearly and are considering a new Camino next year. Lovely that our Tasmanian She Devil got you to travelling through stunning Germany. Have fun, looking forward to your next posts! Love to you an Mary, from Andreas and Kitty, Tenerife

  2. Uh oh...I'm feeling the pressure here! I've been outed as the person who recommended King Ludwig's Way to you. If you don't enjoy it, I'll lose all my 'cred' as a walker! KLW is a beautiful peaceful. I hope you started at the Votivkapelle in Schloss Berg (marks the spot where King Ludwig died mysteriously)...the beauty & serenity of the site sets the tone for the journey ahead. Love to you both & to Kitty & Andreas...tho I'm not sure about the She-Devil bit! Gambatte! (do your best!) Karen from Tassie xo