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Saturday, 21 June 2014

After a break of a few days I have finally got a signal for the iPhone. This part of Italy suffers from signal failure and even the locals complain about it. On Friday morning we left the historic town of Reite and started what on paper was to be an  easy 22K to our next stop in Poggio San Lorenzo. The journey out off Reiti was reasonably flat and we reached the famous drinking fountain with ease. That is  if we hadn't had to constantly look for the official signs that are a total shambles. Then things started to change, we were still on a busy main road and it was climbing up into the mountains and not following the valley. By the time we reached Sabina we felt that there couldn't be any more hills to climb but after near two hours walking we turned on to a side road and it started to climb to Rocca Sinibalda. Five hours of non stop climbing and we were about to throw in the towel when we reached a garage and stopped for drinks and a rest. I will never forget that glass of ice cold coke. Revived spiritually and mentally we joined yet another side road that 12k later would take us to today's finish but it started to do what all roads seem to do around here it went vertical and for another three hours we made slow progress. We were a sorry sight when we finally arrived at our Farm House accommodation, Santa Guista, and the first thing the owner did was offer us a stiff drink. Even finding the Farm House had proved problematic and if it hadn't been for a lovely expat English woman we might not have reached it. What is it about Italy and communications? The signs for this walk are a total joke and no internet. I was in really foul mood yesterday at the finish and at that stage would have advised anyone to think again about doing this walk. Haven't changed my mind since. It's not all negative. The people, the food, and the accommodation have been fantastic.

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