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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vertical climbs, brambles and good food

Still no signal for the iPad and my wee fat fingers have problems with the phone keypad so excuse spelling mistakes. Last nights stay in the fortress apartment was different but at least I had enough dry clothes this morning to start the walk. The walk today was strange. The start was beautiful as we left Arrone and looked for somewhere to have breakfast but nowhere opens early in Italy so it was slices of pizza and glasses of water sitting at the side of the road. The first couple of hours were delightful walking along the old Roman road as it wound its way along the valley following the river. We passed through the beautiful village of Casteldilago and everything was perfect. After passing Santa Maria our journey totally changed.We had to climb out off one valley and cross into the next. It was the steepest, hardest hour and a half of vertical scrambling I have ever done. It was over loose stones and seemed to climb for ever. Finally we reached the summit at Cascata Delto Marmore where we stopped for several minutes to get some air into our lungs. What then followed was another delightful walk beside a river until we came near our destination, Piediluco, where the path narrowed and was covered in brambles before closing completely. Scratched and bleeding we had to make a detour and ended up crossing a corn field to join a road. When we eventually arrived in Piediluco at about 2,30 we stopped at the Trattoriada Mariln where the owner arranged our accommodation for the night. We have a fantastic room with a large balcony and Panasonic views of the lake. I have to say that the food on this journey has been unbelievable. Tonight's starter was truffles followed by baked trout. The food just gets better and better. It makes the walking worthwhile.

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