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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My next holiday is a cruise

Mary here. I have not blogged this trip for two reasons. Firstly, each night I was absolutely exhausted and secondly I was usually too grumpy to be rational. The weather was either in the high 30s or torrential rain. We climbed and climbed then climbed some more. The signs disappeared, the paths disappeared, mobile signal disappeared. I got bruised and cut from brambles and bitten by bugs despite the strongest bug spray.
But we have spent nights in some amazing accommodation that we never would have seen if we had not been walking. We have been in some of the remotest parts of Italy that tours will never reach.  We have met the loveliest people in the Italian countryside that cities can't replicate. We have enjoyed Italian cuisine with not a pizza in sight. So taking all that into consideration this has been a fantastic experience though one that I won't be in a hurry to repeat.
With my old teacher hat on I am remembering that this is the last week of term for hardworking teachers and pupils. Rory finishes P 1, Oonagh finishes Upper 6 th,  Calum finishes play group . My old mucker Cate retires after so many years teaching and guiding the young women of North Belfast. Her calm and intelligent ways have soothed not only her pupils but their anxious parents in many sensitive situations. She has also been a listening ear to fellow teachers in need of reassurance. No one deserves a happy, healthy retirement more. Looking forward to many coffee mornings in the years to come!
So, have an appointment with Pope Francis tomorrow. I wonder will he mention Colin's birthday??

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