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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bank details

Today we were given the details of the candmcamino Ulster Bank account.  This means that from today anyone can donate directly into this account.  If  you are going to use this method of donating could you please give your name as a reference in order that we will know the source .
Sort code - 98 04 00
Account number - 10917515
Account name - candmcamino
Ulster Bank.   High Street,   Carrickfergus.
Again we would like to thank everyone who has given already.
Austin booked transport today to take us from Biarritz Airport to St Jean Pied de Port. When we arrive in St Jean we book into our hotel and then register at the Pilgrims Office. The office will advise us about the weather conditions for Monday and whether we can attempt the Route de Napoleons or the Valcarlos Route.  After we have done all that we can find a nice place to eat and have a drink. It will not be a late night since we have to be on the road by 7am in order to make the trip to Roncesvalles.
I don't like singling out individual donations but tonight I will break that rule. It was very touching that the play group at St Nicholas gave Mary a donation from their Teddy Bears Picnic fund. Children never cease to amaze me.

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