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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Just finished getting money ready to put in to our candmcamino account tomorrow. The total now stands at £1400. Saying thanks to everyone for their kind generosity doesnt seem enough. Repacked our backpacks this afternoon. Everything has to be weighed and then you have to decide if you could do without it. It is recommended that you carry less than 10% of your body weight so I have about two weeks to gain an extra stone in weight. When everything is on your back for 500 miles every single ounce counts. Find it hard to believe that in 18 days time we will have hopefully completed the first day. The other three will have long finished so hopefully they will have a nice pint waiting for me at the finish.
Will publish  Ulster Bank details tomorrow for anyone wishing to donate directly in to the account.
All the best  Colin

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