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Monday, 27 May 2013

Murder picture

We were told that the first day was hard. Climbing over 5000 feet and descending  2500 feet would be demanding but we would easily do it. Well I can tell you now that all we were told was a bunch of lies.  It started out sunny and warm. We had hail. We had driving rain. We had hailstones like golf balls. We had snow. I experienced hell and back all in one day.  It wasn't just steep it was pure murder.  We walked for 11 hours 30 mins and limped sore tired but triumphant into Roncasvalles at 7pm.  The hotel is great and was a wonderful sight. Mary and Pauline were brilliant. I was the wimp. Ah well tomorrow is another day and a day closer.
On a different note we would like to congratulate Michael Mc Cann on his wedding day. I'm wishing him all the best today in case there is no wifi tomorrow.

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