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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mary today

It's Mary here.
Colin didn't t trust me to blog earlier for fear of what I would say. It has been as they say,a murder picture! We arrived in Pamplona last night. Our accommodation is quaint and quirky but comfortable.
Would it be a surprise to say that it rained all day today? The temp is 6 degrees and freezing. Apparently that is a full 20 d colder than this time last year. Typical! And to continue our run of good luck the city had a general strike today against government cuts.  Riot police, banks of police tenders and protesters marching and chanting. Almost felt home sick! Almost all shops  and tourist attractions were  closed. But we walked the bull run and did all things Hemingway.
Tomorrow we start at 7 30 because if we don't arrive in Puenta la Reina by 4pm we loose our  accommodation! But our walk passes the iconic statues of the pilgrims over the ages which we are looking forward to.   Another day of killer climbs buts what's new!
We have met some lovely people on our way and that has been a big part of this amazing journey. Despite the rain and mud and being soaked to the skin,we have laughed our way through.
Did I mention the Navarra rose wine is fantastic?!


  1. Fantastic so far xxxx keep it up and I loved ur blog mum xo

  2. Hi Mary & Colin, hope you are both well. I can't believe we have better weather here in Ireland than you out there!!!! Your praise for the Hospitality girls and the lunch was very moving thank you, I will pass it on. Think what you are doing is so amazing. Good luck for the rest of your journey.xx