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Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Last Night

This is it. The point of no return. The backpacks are packed and are wrapped in cling film. This helps to stop them being damaged in transit. We have checked all the paper work. Mary has lists about lists, but I must admit, her organisation usually saves the day. Being organised is better that my gungho approach. We spent the evening with Maeve, Derek, Lucy, and David Maxwell.It was a nice ending to an emotional day. Damian and Judith are picking us up tomorrow morning at 8am and we are meeting Austin and Pauline in Dublin airport at around 10am. Peoples reaction to us going is causing me some concern. In the words of Arnie, we will be back. With the amount of hugs and kisses we are getting, do some of these clairvoyants know something and they are not telling us?
We went up to Cotswold's in Boucher today and met up with Leslie. Leslie works in Cotswolds and finished the full Camino last Thursday.  She put or minds at ease.  Mind you she said the first couple of days were really tough and that is saying something coming from an experienced walker.
Got an email from Davinia Brennan. Davinia and her father Joe are starting from St. Jean on Wednesday. Hopefully we will see them along the way. Will go now and will talk to you tomorrow from St. Jean Pied de Port


  1. All the very best of luck on your "Excellent Adventure". I am looking forward to reading all your blog posts. Take care of yourselves.

  2. Good luck mummy and daddy Boylan!!! Take care and will put the kettle on for you coming back, I reckon you will be ready for a coffee by then!!