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Friday, 14 June 2013

Empty villages

Last night we stayed in a hostel in Calzadilla de la Cuerza. The hostel was really nice but the village was like something out of " the good, the bad, and the ugly". Walking in to the village I felt that we should have been wearing ponchos and wide brimmed hats. The hostel was one of the best so far and the food was absolutely brilliant. We left around 8am and started the long walk to Sahagun. Unfortunately the walk today was made harder for Mary who was suffering from a tummy bug. True to form she refused to give in and with true grit she made the long walk in the searing heat. During our walk today we mainly followed the old Roman road through what appeared to be either deserted or semi deserted villages. As you walk in to the village you expect to see either people or animals but everywhere is empty. We stopped for a much needed drink in Moratinos and met an absolutely remarkable woman,   Sylvie Hane  . Sylvie is French Canadian, has completed the Camino not once but twice, and is now helping a friend establish an Albergue. After walking the Camino she redirected her life. She gave up her position as an International Adviser to a Multi National Company, gave away her possessions and now says she is free. Make up your own mind. What I have found is that the Camino affects people in different ways some in a positive manner but also some in a negative way. One thing I am sure of is that people change during the Camino. Tonight we have a private room in an Albergue, Viatoris, on the edge of Sahagun. The room is first class. Sahagun is a very old historical town and was once a seat of great ecclesiastical power during the reign of Alonso VI. The foundations of the town extend further back to its Roman past.  Tonight they are driving the bulls through the city to the local bullring in readiness for Sundays sport. This will be something to witness. If I'm not gored to death by a bull I will write again tomorrow.  C

Another day, another long dusty path.  M.

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  1. Cowboy dream come real?! You'll come home chewing a straw :)