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Monday, 17 June 2013

The beauty of Leon

Well folks I can honestly say Leon is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. True, we were only there for an afternoon and an evening but the architecture, the people, the atmosphere, and the cafe culture make Leon special. The Cathedral is one of the oldest Baroque style in Europe and is truly magnificent. The San Isidoro with its fountain commerated to the VII th Roman Legion, the Plaza San Marcos, the Gaudi designed buildings, and a total lack of pollution, make this place something special. The buildings are so clean and sparkling white. This is a place I would love to revisit as a 3or   4 day city break.
Back to the walk, after my sponsored spot on Leon, and things are going great. We are about two days in front of schedule and doing really well.  Today's walk was gently undulating through beautiful countryside, after we left the city. The temperature has dropped and we had some rain but after the heat of the Meseta it was perfect for walking. We have taken the alternative route over Alto Cruceiro and Alto Abojo to Villarreal de Mazarife. We had two pleasant coffee breaks at La Virgen del Camino and Fresno, where we had refreshments and chewed the fat with other travellers. We get a lot of respect from fellow pilgrims when they hear we are going from St Jean to Santiago. Most  are only doing a part of the way. We are now less than 200 miles from Santiago but we still have to climb  Cruz de Ferro, the highest point of the whole Camino, and cross the Galician mountains, but sure it will be wee buns for hardened walkers like us. C

We turned up here only to discover that our preferred accommodation was full.  After a long walk that is the worst ever news.  But, said the waitress, we have a house nearby that you can have all to yourself, if you like.  So we are staying in a Spanish house, decorated circa 1965, but lovely.  It's as if the previous occupants left yesterday.  It's fully furnished with a living room full of family photos and       holy icons everywhere.  The variety of accommodation has been the star of our experience; some dreadful but most lovely and quirky.
Ok. Time to wash the socks.

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