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Friday, 7 June 2013

Going the extra 5K

Well folks we stayed in an absolutely brilliant Casa Rurales last night and after a good breakfast set off at 8am. We knew today would be hard with  about 5 or 6 hills to climb but the reality proved to be even harder. Leaving Belorado we had a pleasant walk to Tosantos where we stopped for Cafe con Leche.  It was then a gradual gradient to the small village of Villafranca which was really picture postcard pretty. We were in excellent spirits and in good physical form. Then we hit the peaks. Alto Mojapan, Alto Pedraja, and Alto Carnero. You climb up to 1500mts and then drop steeply down to climb back up again, three times. Now I know what a yo yo feels like. At the top of the first alto we stopped at the Monumento a Los Caidos, dedicated to the fallen Caidos during the Spanish Civil War.  Because we couldn't get accommodation at our scheduled stop in San Juan de Ortega we had to do an extra 5K and walk to a very tiny village called Ages. We stopped for shelter in San Juan from yet another electric storm and met up with a group we have become friendly with which includes Joe from California and Venessa from Scotland. They informed us that the local Albergue was an absolute flea pit so we were glad we couldn't book it. Walking the extra 5K was worth it because our room tonight is great. The miles are beginning to catch up with us. Sore feet, blisters, sore shins and frayed nerves seem to be the order of the day. This walk is getting to become more "pilgrim" than I expected. I knew it wasn't going to be a holiday but honestly the aches and pains have arrived a lot sooner than expected. Tomorrow we reach the city of Borges and the end of stage 2.   C.

The weather has been more Donegal than Spain though apart from the electric storms its much better for walking.  It is very cold in the evenings.  Last night we sat in front of a log fire in our accommodation, but none the less this is a beautiful country and a million miles from the Costas.
So far there are almost 4 thousand hits on our blog which is staggering. Time to say a big HELLO to Hazel and the team in the Renal Unit Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.  When the going gets tough we remember why we are here and it puts an inch to our step. Do any of you have any tips on dressing blistered feet??    M.

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  1. I have watched your blog with admiration. You have done so well and endured so much. I am quite sure I would not have been so determined.

    Well done on your achievements so far, thank goodness you are more than 1/2 way with the end in sight. Elaine