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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Burgos and a bath

Well folks this is my second blog today. Just finished the first when it disappeared into the ether and who knows where it is now. Last nights albergue was very comfortable and after a good breakfast we set of at 8am. The weather was cold, wet and windy. It was a pleasant walk to Atapuerca which is a small village that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. It was here that the earliest human remains ever found in Europe were discovered,  dating back over 900,000 years. We then climbed and climbed.  Over rocky ground for about 2 miles and to a height of over 3510 ft. At the top, in the freezing wind and rain, we stopped and pretended to admire the views at a large wooden cross. In reality we were absolutely shattered. The steep downhill was stoney, muddy and dangerous.  We stopped for coffee at Cardenuela and then enjoyed the pleasant walk through the villages of Orbaneja and Villafria until we reached the outskirts of Burgos. Walking around the perimeter of an airport and then through the suburbs, in freezing wind and rain does nothing to lift the spirits. We were tired and almost beaten when we finally got to our hotel and oh how our priorities have changed  during a journey like this.  Luxury of luxuries our room has a bath. A real bath and plenty of hot water. Ah bliss.    C

When we decided to do this pilgrimage we asked our old friends Austin and Pauline if they would like to do it with us.  They readily agreed and have been great company and support.  Better still they have secured a lot of sponsorship for The Lily Foundation which supports children with Mitochondria Disease.  It remains to be seen if they are still our friends on 3 July, our due date to arrive in Santiago!
Of course we remember John Madden and his dedicated staff from Roddensvale School who are the other beneficiaries of our fund raising.  So if you would like to donate to any of our very worthy causes details about the Ulster Bank account candmcamino are in previous blogs.  M.

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