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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Running the bulls

We stayed in Sahagun last night and what a time to be there. The festival of the bull. A weekend festival of drinking, celebration and of course bull fighting. Last night was the night they put barriers up along the streets and the bull runs from the edge of town, right through the town to the bull ring. Hours before the run the streets are thronged with bands and groups of children being chased by dummy bulls. All very loud and exciting. At about 7.30 three hooters went off and the atmosphere was a real frenzy. Men dressed in red, blue, yellow, and green shirts with red sashes appeared running in front of the bull. I really wanted to join in but wasn't allowed to. It seems that you are not allowed two from the same family to participate and Mary as usual was too quick for me!
After the previous nights festivities we started later than usual and made the long walk to El Burgo Raneros. It was a beautiful walk but very long and extremely hot. When we walked into Bercianos del Real Camino we came upon the nicest little cafe. A little piece of heaven run by a young couple with a great story. They met and married on the Camino. They have a delightful place and a lovely little child. We told them that they should open up an albergue and if it was to be the standard of the cafe it would be an instant success. Well tomorrow we must leave early because we are hoping to do extra and make Leon. If not we will stop over in Mansilla. C.

What a fantastic day! Beautiful blue sky, sun shining and great paths.  Really looking forward to reaching Leon tomorrow.  I had always thought that if I reached Leon I would make Santiago. So  that will make me very happy.  Our accommodation has been excellent recently which makes life easier.  So, still going strong.  M.

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