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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The convent

Well last night was a real experience. There were two albergues in the town, one municipal one run by the nuns, so we choose the convent. Our thinking was that the convent Albergue would be the cleanest. When you get it wrong you get it wrong big time. It was minging. The beds, the toilets, even thinking about them gives me shivers down my back. We left at 7.15 this morning and enjoyed a lovely stroll to the small walled village of Granon where we enjoyed a delightful cup of coffee. We then made the steep climb to Redecilla and passed into Castillay Leon which is the largest autonomous region in Spain. Things were going well and we were making great time in glorious sunshine. We passed through Castildelgado and along the undulating road to Viloria de la Rioja. Heading over the mountain at Villamajor on our way to our final destination, Belorado, the Camino hit back. It had allowed us to enjoy our walk, it had lulled us in to a false sense of security, and, then it threw up a storm. We were caught on the mountain path with driving rain, thunder and forked lightening. It was spectacular. Lightening flashing all around and the thunder booming overhead. Soaking wet we walked into the town of Belorado.  Tonight we have broken the bank and have booked a Casa Rurale. Pure luxury and we deserve it after last night.  Tomorrow is a tough one. Over the mountain path with seven peaks to climb before we reach San Juan de Ortega. By the way we are now 342.4 miles from Santiago.  C.

I have demanded veto over any photos Colin puts on Facebook.  Carrying all you need to survive for 37 days in a rucksack which you will carry on your back for 500 miles up every bleeping  hill in Northern Spain concentrates the mind.  So,make up, hair driers, straighteners etc are out of the question.  Which on the one hand is very liberating, but on the other can be quite shocking when you inadvertently catch sight of yourself in a mirror. So now you know why there are few photos.  The true values of the pilgrim have yet to kick in.  M.

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