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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hills all the way

Well folks today was really tough. We thought that things would have gotten easier by now but obviously we miscalculated the punishment inflicted on the body during the first three days and the continuing steep terrain. This morning was a complete murder picture. We left the Albergue at 7.30am to be confronted by what can only be described as a sheer vertical climb that lasted for what seemed to be forever. When you got over that climb, the camino threw in, hill after hill, hidden around each bend. We did pass through some spectacular mountain villages but saw little sign of any life. We had planned to walk for an hour and a half and then stop for breakfast. Unfortunately we couldnt find any cafe so breakfast became a bar of chocolate and a bottle of water. Later we climbed up to the medieval hilltop village of Cirauqui where a small shop was selling pastries and drinks. They were making a fortune. Later in the quaint mountain village of Lorca we met up with all the old suspects from previous days. A nice lunch of Spanish omelette and coffee refreshed both our tired bodies and our spirits. After lunch it was a long walk with many hills to our destination for the night, Estella. We have just booked into an Albergue and are going about body repairs. I live in hope that tomorrow will be less painful and that this ordeal can become a pleasant walk in the Spanish countryside rather than a commando assault course.

Ok. Now for some Positive Mental Attitude.  We saw a huge heron nest complete with heron on top of a chimney stack.  We walked through vineyards and olive groves.  We saw amazing sights of multi coloured banks of wild flowers.  We crossed ancient bridges over fast flowing rivers(remember the rain?).  The paths were less muddy and treacherous.  The rain stayed off.  But still every bone and muscle in my body aches.  They say you gain your fitness over the walk.  I am fed up waiting.  M.


  1. You will come back like wee skinny things xxx

  2. Lol, a commando assault course would be easier and finished within a hour!!!
    I am with you every step of the way, as I sit here with my feet up watching The Voice with a latte!