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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Poppies everywhere

Last night we stayed in a delightful little Albergue in Ventosa. The hostel closed at 8 am and everyone had to be out and on the road. We were the last to leave. It was a beautiful walk to Najera. The early morning breeze and the stillness made the uphill gradients enjoyable. We were walking through wine country. Mary says that I have wined and moaned the whole way but what's new. Getting back on course, it was great walking through countryside so beautiful and colourful. I didn't realise that this part of Spain would be covered in poppies. Najera was once the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre and is very old and atmospheric. Leaving Najera we made the long, hard, warm and at times boring walk to Santo Domingo de Calzada. We all felt sluggish and lacking in energy during this stretch. I think this was because we were walking after 2pm in the heat. Tomorrow we must leave earlier in order to get the back of the walk broken before the intense heat. Santo de Domingo dates back to before the C11 and has amazing narrow streets. Well folks I've finally done it. I will be sleeping tonight in a Cisterciense Convent. The Albergue is part of the convent. It is described as a tranquil hostel and I can believe that after seeing some of the nuns. No messing about with those stoney stares. See you soon. C

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