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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No hills

Our Albergue last night, Puente Fitero, was quiet and we got a great nights sleep.  Believe it or not we were sleeping before 9pm and slept through to 7am. This mornings walk across the Meseta was really nice. Couldn't believe our luck, no real hills. Were we dreaming, a stretch of the Camino without a steep incline. We passed through the small village of Boadilla where we stopped for coffee with Matt and his son Kaleb. We had met these two Americans on our first day on the mountains and our paths have crossed many times. The walk from Boadilla to Fromista was along a canal and was really beautiful. The colourful fauna and the music of the birds would be appreciated by even the most hard hearted, but true to form and not wanting to change tradition, I moaned about my shins and blocked everything out with the sounds of Marty Robbins. Only for gunfighter ballads I wouldn't have made it this far. Anyway we made Fromista where we are staying and a Pharmacist has sorted out my shins and I am raring to go on. Albergue tonight is certainly not 3star. Least said the better. Forgot to say, got an email from Shane yesterday. He is still in Burgos and hopes to catch up later.

So Colin has a very impressive strapping on the shin with tendinitis and my feet are more or less sorted out so no more complaining!
The two things that concerned me before starting this mad adventure were
A. Carrying a backpack
B. crossing the Meseta
The backpack has been no problem.  That's not to say that I forget I am carrying it but you do get used to it.
The Meseta is an area of Spain which is for the most part flat, with little shade or shelter from the blistering sun.  Many people get dehydrated, disorientated or worse over the 5 days it takes to walk it.  
Such is the awful Spanish summer this year that we have had no problems with 3 days done and 2 to go. So far so good.
Tonight's accommodation looks a bit grim but we have done well these past few nights so its back to being a real pilgrim.  M.

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