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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Heat at last

Well folks last night was a nightmare. The Albergue was terrible. Everything you would dread. There were 12 of us in the room. There was no air and you heard every noise that a human could make. Snoring, farting, burping and others I couldn't possibly mention. We started walking early, before breakfast. Well who would eat in that Albergue. Anyway even the Meseta turned against us. The cold breeze turned in to searing heat and the dust was choking. This was the real Meseta, the Meseta we were warned about. Mile after mile of heat and dust. The conditions might have been tough but the scenery was stunning. I couldn't describe it and give it any justice. The colours and the noise. You are told that the Meseta walk is solitary and isolated. You are not warned about the noise of nature. Frogs, toads, cicadas, and the millions of birds all in harmony, absolutely stunning. Paddy it was even better than Marty R. The walk today was really something else. The best yet, well they do say practise makes perfect. We are staying in luxury tonight, the top hotel in Carrion de Los Condes.  C

Could not believe the blue skies today.  Only the second day of sun since 27 May.  And I loved today's walk. Good terrain, sun and NO HILLS.  Perfect.  M.


  1. Hello All.
    This is my 3rd attempt to get in touch with you.kept losing the matter.3rd time lucky.
    I have been folowing your blog and i must say you are all fantantic,dont think we could have done it all in one go like that,we were gland of the rest when we gor to logrono,am home since sat but we realy missed the laughs we had with you all.
    I thought that when you survived without getting any blisters for the first 160 klm you would be all right.just goes to show not to count your chickens before their hatched!!!
    It sounds like you have had some very tough trails so far,you must be nearly finished with the meseta by now ,hope all went well.
    Brendan sends his regards to all. talk soon